Sunday, November 15, 2015

11-15-15 peyton manning breaking the NFL passing record


today peyton manning broke the NFL passing record which is a huge accomplishment and the biggest accomplishment and milestone a queterback can have in the NFL.  this record hasn't been broken for about 15 years which was previously held by brett favre who's is considered to be the greatest quarter back based on his stats and milestones but now that peyton manning holds the record he might be considered the best now.

a little bit of facts on the record that peyton manning broke today

- this record hasn't been broken since about 2006
- the current record at this moment is 71,840 passing yards
- peyton manning said he would never be able to break this record in a interview in 2010 when he thought that would be his final year playing in the NFL
-brett favre said that someone would eventually break this record

but with his success came a bit of controversy as he hasn't lived up to being the all time passing leader as he threw three pics the same game in only the first half which would later lead him to being benched for the game so now its all eyes on peyton manning if he can live up to the all time passing leader title. and so far he hasn't lived up to it one bit and now people are wondering if its time for peyton manning to the hang up the jersey and retire

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