Friday, November 13, 2015


My personal artifact....

I would have to say at of all my things and artifacts I have one ofmy favorites would have to be le'veon bell's football helmet with his autograph that he gave to me after a Pittsburgh Steelers game now this is my favorite artifact because he is my idle and I wanna grow up to be like him  and I've been watching him since he was in his red shirt freshman year in college and not to mention he is also one of the best players in the NFL now you are all probably wondering why should I care and I'm gonna tell you why.  This helmet which was le'veon bell's was the same helmet he used when he broke the steelers single game rushing franchise record and this was a big big big accomplishment for him because he made a promise to his grandma that he would do something special just for her and he did because he had 211 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns now the reason i think this is super special is because he did this for his grandparents and i have the helmet he wore when he did it and knowing that i have something as special as this makes it one of my favorite personal artifact.

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