Sunday, November 15, 2015


Hello I'm Anthony and I'm a 9 grader attending North broward prep and besides focusing on grades I also focus on other things like football and other stuff.  But football has always stuck with me and it never left. I think my love of football started when I was about 4 during the Super Bowl when the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Seattle Seahawks. Ever since that time I always wanted to be on the field playing and the next year I was.  When I was 5 I signed up for the coconut creek eagles travel football team and I didnt know what to expect since I never played a sport before neither a sport of as high of contact football has. So I was very... Very nervous and right when I got to the field I saw a lot of other kids bigger then me, smaller then me, taller shorter and everything around and it was weird no one knew each other and it was dead silence.  And then a whistle blew and a man said every one gather around and he introduced him self as coach Brown the head coach of our team and he made us all introduce our self and we did. And after all of that he then said ok half of the people over there half the people stay here. And then he said we got hitting drills ! And I was super nervous because I didn't know if I was Going to get ran over or run someone over and so one by one he blew the whistle and people were hitting left and right  bone crushing sounds of pads hitting each other and then i was next in line . I put in my mouth piece and got ready so did the person I had to hit he blew the whistle and I ran to him and hit him as hard as I could with my shoulder pads and sent him flying back and I didn't realize I ran him over till I heard a loud roar of the team and the coaches they all came up to me and gave me a high five and from that moment on I knew I would love football forever and I still continue to play today as I am part of the north broward prep football varsity team. And hope to continue to play all my high school career.

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